Royal Imperial Throne

of the Imperial Republic

The Supreme Ruler

His Majesty, High Prince James Stratus II of Kuat, was elected Supreme Ruler of the Imperial Republic at the inauguration of the New Order by the Supreme Council of the United Factions for Peace and Order (UFFPO). As Supreme Ruler, His Majesty the Supreme Ruler has full authority over all departments, systems, units, and oversees all government operations.

The Executor
The Supreme Chancellor
Her Royal Highness, the Duchess Tavria Treyson of Maires, appointed to Executorship by His Majesty, is the Second in Command of the Imperial Republic. She answers only to the Supreme Ruler. Executor Treyson is a woman of many shoes, who currently acts also as the Grand Minister of COMPNOR.
His Excellency, the Supreme Chancellor Joesefus Alastar Quick of Corellia, is the Minister of State and Acting President of the Imperial Republic Senate. He reports directly to the Supreme Ruler and is third in line to the Throne.

Agents of the Throne

His Majesty's Personal Staff

His Majesty's Personal Staff, also known as Agents of the Throne, consist of a team of experts in each of their fields that advise the Throne on matters of galactic importance pertaining to their area of expertise. These individuals also keep the Throne informed of important events occuring in those areas. They are often seen in the presence of the Supreme Ruler though they are more often sent on missions carrying out the bidding of the Supreme Ruler and officiating as authorized. The royal blue military uniform is unique to His Majesty's Personal Staff. These agents or staff members have the highest loyalty to the Supreme Ruler and have proven themselves time and time again. It is believed that these individuals have very close relations with the Supreme Ruler.