Ministry of Defense


Narudžba. Mir. Stabilnosti. Znanje. Sloboda.

Military High Command

The Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense is the representative and chief of operations for the Ministry of Defense, the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Republic Armed Forces. The Minister is responsible for establishing and managing the Imperial Republic's defense forces and maintaining the safety of the Imperial Republic.  The Minister of Defense is a military command officer and a member of the Imperial Republic High Council by default. Ultimately, the Minister is responsible for the administration and execution of all affairs within and undertaken by the Imperial Republic Armed Forces, and reports directly to the Supreme Ruler. 

The Deputy Minister(s) of Defense

The Deputy Minister(s) of Defense act as senior executive officer(s) of the Ministry. The Deputy Minister(s) is/are responsible for managing personnel and resource allocations within the various Divisions to which they are assigned. The Deputy Minister will also perform tasks as required by the Minister of Defense, and will succeed the Minister of Defense in his/her absence, as confirmed by appointment by the Supreme Ruler.

Branch Leaders

Chief of Army Operations
Chief of Naval Operations
Chief of Military Police
Interim Army Executive Officer
Navy Executive Officer
Assistant Chief of Military Police

The Joint Chiefs are the managers and Chiefs of Operations responsible for their assigned branch. The Joint Chiefs will present the results of the bureaus under their branch to the Minister of Defense and in some cases, the Throne itself.