The Comission for the Preservation of His Majesty's New Order


Directed from on high by the Supreme Ruler through his agent, the Grand Minister, the Commission for the Preservation of His Majesty's New Order (COMPNOR), is a massive, inclusive, civic organization dedicated to the furthering and defense of the New Order. COMNOR's ideals are cherished by its adherents.

Originally, COMPNOR was themed as a social gathering. A society for young idealists within the budding New Order who saw the new regime as the ultimate solution to the chaotic, corroding days of the United Factions for Peace and Order. This once modest society has surged with members, organizing and growing almost spontaneously into an activist party as the New Order phenomenon takes root.

Administered by the High Council, COMPNOR actively works to build the ethics and ideologies of the New Order into the lives and composition of the galactic citizenry. The Imperial Republic way of life is defined and advanced within COMPNOR, spanning education, instruction, morality, civic responsibility, punishment and detention, evaluation, improvement, and progress. It falls to COMPNOR to lay the foundation that the future of the Imperial Republic is built upon.

Executor Tavria Treyson currently supervises COMPNOR Operations and serves as Grand Minister and Chairman of the Comission.