The Imperial Republic
New Order

The New Order is basically a political movement, or political party, if you will. It is strictly and ultimately loyal to the Supreme Ruler and the Imperial Charter. Its ideals come from the impossible but herein accomplished combination of a democracy (republic) and a dictatorship (empire), wherefore the Imperial Republic. All members of high authority in the Imperial Republic are required to support the new order 100% and uphold its ideals and thoughts.

The New Order is upheld by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), which commission oversees almost all governmental minitries. COMPNOR is headed by the one and only Grand Minister, which both the Grand Minister and COMPNOR answer directly to the Supreme Ruler. Not all minitries are under COMPNOR, but most are. The Ministry of Defense, for example, is headed by the Minister of Defense and answers only to the Minister of Defense, the Supreme Ruler, and as otherwise stated in the Charter.