The Imperial Republic
Military Divisions

The Imperial Republic and all of its systems and sectors is protected by the Imperial Defense Force, which is directed and run by the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Imperial Republic Navy (IRN)

The Imperial Republic Navy consits of all the starships and men and women who man them of the different Imperial Republic Fleets all over the galaxy. Each fleet is commanded by a Fleet CO and Fleet XO, and the Grand Admirals and Sector Moffs. The entire navy is commanded and coordinated by the Navy Chief of Staff, also more refered to as the "Admiral of the Fleet".

Imperial Republic Army (IRA)

The Imperial Republic Army consists of all the armed ground troops and ground assault/defense vehicles. They are used for maintaining order on planets and keeping planets safe and under our control. It is divided into armies, legions, and batallions. The local Moffs and Grand Admirals command different groups of them, and the IRA as a whole is commanded by the Army Chief of Staff, better known as the "General of the Army".

Imperial Republic Intelligence (IRI)

Imperial Republic Intelligence is the department that watches over all the different groups, persons, and organizations of the galaxy, to act as spies and informants for the protection of the government, and upholding the New Order. It is commanded by the Director of Intelligence, also known as the "Supreme Allied Commander of Intelligence."

Imperial Republic Security Bureau (IRSB)

The Imperial Republic Security Bureau is the internal intelligence, or police force for enforcing order and upholding the New Order. They investigate crimes and make arrests, and protect the key government offices, planets, and buildings. It is headed by the Director of Imperial Republic Security, with the rank of either director or ISB-General.

Imperial Republic Special Operations Force (SOF)

The Imperial Republic Special Operations Force is an elite force used for special covert operations, in situations that do not fall under the jurisdiction or balliwick of IRI. It is headed by the Chief of Special Operations.