Imperial Honours and Awards System

Through the ages, governments, militaries and organisations have found it necessary to award personnel for efficiency, loyalty, bravery and dedication. The most prominent method of this has been through the use of awards and decorations such as stars and medals. Upon the formation of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Charon instructed that all of the Republic decorations were to be disbanded and a new Imperial System was to be put in place. A council of military and government officials was put into place to create the Imperial Honours and Awards System to ensure that there were sufficient decorations for the purposes of the New Order.

Once the Imperial Honours and Awards System (IHAS) was approved and published, the Imperial Security Bureau was given the task of monitoring the use of IHAS by both the Military and Civilian branches of the Empire. This was to ensure that the system was neither being abused, or ignored. The ISB Sector Offices were instructed to assist the Moffs and Military Commanders in the recommendation, consideration, approval and awarding of awards.

A special provision was included into the IHAS which allows the wearing of 'Special Awards'. These awards are generally either awards from a particular system government, or a prominent figure in the Galaxy. Special Awards are awards normally outside of the established IHAS which have been approved by the Emperor for personnel to wear. Applications for the addition of new Special Awards must be made to the Imperial High Command, and approved by The Throne.